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Last month 15 Year 10 students travelled to Melbourne to participate in the Micro-Mathematicians enrichment program. The University of Melbourne conducted a fun and interesting workshop called ‘Tilings’, with the students getting creative with coloured multi-shaped tiles to enhance their knowledge of patterns in Maths.

Lunch was provided by the University before students visited the Science Gallery where they explored the theme Natural/Unnatural through interacting with a variety of artistic and very creative installations.

They got to get up close and personal with a realistic model of the human organs to feel how they could be eventually affected by pollution, and the amazing sculpture of the hyper-realistic part human, part animal and her babies by Patricia Piccinini. As one student commented, “It made you think about possibilities for the future.”

Another loved the Jellyfish hooked up to a monitor that recorded and used its random movements to create energy. She appreciated “how the theme of Natural/Unnatural was explored in multiple imaginative and artistic ways.”

All students enjoyed the chance to wander, participate and wonder!


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